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Book to Screen: One Day Movie Review

Word of caution, this review might be completely biased. For this movie, I can’t seem to put my film critic face on and it may just be due to my love for the book (see my review of the book here).

I loved it. I was really worried when I started seeing the reviews rolls in. They were terrible! With Rottentomatoes giving it a rotten rating of 27%, I was prepared to be completely let down. But it was… great. I literally walked out of the movie theater in tears and with a very red nose. Very embarrassing on my part I must say.

Anne Hathaway was absolute perfection as Emma Morley and Jim Sturgess impressed me with his depiction of Dexter Mayhew. The film followed the book faithfully; thank you to David Nicholls for writing a screenplay without compromising the story. Naturally there were a couple changes and some things left out, but I was pretty satisfied with the results.

For those of you that aren’t in the loop, One Day is set over the course of twenty years. We are given snapshots of the two main characters, Dex and Em, over those years on the same day each year. They have known each other for awhile, but it is not until the night of graduation that they became more than just acquaintances. They become friends, and it’s moving forward that we as the viewer/reader are able to see what would come out of that one night. Will they ever have the courage to step forward to being more than friends? When will they finally allow themselves to truly fall in love with one another? Note that this isn’t just a romance; it’s much more than that. We see these characters experience the ups and downs of a thing that we call life. The realization that we may not be where we want to be, and the painstaking obstacles that we have to endure to achieve our ends and to find satisfaction.

I love the structure that they set up for the film. As we float through the days of the twenty years, a date zooms up to the screen in various ways. Whether it is subtle like a screen-saver on a computer or more obvious as a plain text on-screen, it was well done. It reminded me of (500) Days of Summer. Also, I have to say that I loved the clothes, hair, the whole look of the characters. Remember, this spanned over twenty years, and it wasn’t just the actors/actresses that had to depict that. Their style had to as well! I thought it was well done and definitely not over the top.

This isn’t a very commercial movie. What I mean to say is that I feel like this film was different, the story was different. As I have said before, this story is a realistic portrayal of life, love, and all the in-betweens. Don’t go into it with the expectation of a rom-com or deep-all-consuming-love. It’s more than that.That goes for the book as well. Read the book, watch the movie.

Check out this review here. He basically said everything else I wanted to say about the movie.

– Jane


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