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Look, Ma! No Hands! // My first e-reader

This weekend I realized that I’ve turned into someone I never thought I’d become. I’ve crossed to the other side, abandoned my values, flipped the switch. However you want to phrase it, it has, alas, happened. Way sooner than I thought it would…

I have become an e-reader-er.

Wait…What?! Huh?! What happened to your love of physical books? The jackets and covers and composition? Isn’t physical books what you do for a living?

Well, yes, but…



In my defense?… the nook was a gift. I mean, I wasn’t planning on buying the traitor device. But once I opened the box, I thought, Hey, I’m an innovative, technology savvy publisher-girl… I should probably try this thing out.

So I did. First purchase? The Hunger Games.

Perhaps that was where I went wrong. Someone else stuck the knife (er… nook) in my hand… I just bedazzled it with this kickass story to make me wont to tote it around. Show it off. Look at my shiny new nook as I finally read The Hunger Games.

Every page turn felt like a stab in the back of all the physical books I’ve ever cherished. But it felt wonderful. Powerful. Sleek in my hands and so incredibly lightweight. Here I was on the subway, clinging on for dear life with one hand, yet still able to flip through this captivating book with ease with the other. Once I forgave the composition problems that come with e-reading, I became quite fond of this little device that never seemed to die on me, that I could whip right out, my last page on display, waiting for me. I have to admit, it felt damn near like the perfect reading experience.

But, instead of clicking “buy” on the second part of the trilogy, I told myself I’d grab one of the books on my bookshelf instead (which lead to Faithful Place!). And what happened? Well, I’m having a good reading experience, but I can’t stop thinking… maybe I should buy the ebook version. *sigh*. I feel like a lost cause. I’ll soon have nightmares of this stunting the growth of my library… fears of never being able to let a friend borrow a book again.

This makes me sad. But like any good addiction, not sad enough to stop.

Happy (e-)Reading.



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